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Web Links

All direct links open in a new browser window. Please feel free to submit new link suggestions, either Heinlein-related or of high interest to visitors here.

The Robert Heinlein Centennial

The centennial of Robert Heinlein's birth is comng up in July 2007, and plans are afoot to make sure the world knows about it.

  • Robert A. Heinlein Centennial, Kansas City, 2007
    News, events, planning and registration for the biggest Centennial event. Visit and sign up for the mailing list... or register to attend now!

General Interest Heinlein Sites

You'll find more general interest links via the Heinlein Ring below.

  • Robert A. Heinlein: Grandmaster of Science Fiction
    An exceptional general-interest Heinlein site with a wide range of resources and things of interest.
  • Robert A. Heinlein: Dean of Science Fiction Writers
    Another great general-interest Heinlein site with another selection of resources complementing those here and on the site above, including a very large archive of book cover images.
  • The Illustrated Robert A. Heinlein
    Click Here
    Nifty site with an entry for each of Heinlein's known works, with one or more related book cover images. Find that Heinlein you only recall from the cover illustration!

The Robert A. Heinlein Ring

There are many fine Heinlein-related sites on the web, most of which are members of the Robert A. Heinlein Ring. Some of the Ring sites are listed separately on this page, but Heinlein aficionados old and new will find roving the Ring an entertaining and enlightening experience.

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Association & Publication Sites

  • The Heinlein Society
    The official organization for "paying forward" Heinlein's legacy.
  • The Heinlein Prize
    Robert Heinlein is gone, and won't be writing any more words to inspire the future he wanted and foresaw. The Heinlein Prize Trust was created by the Heinlein estate to continue the task by offering a substantial annual prize for commercial development of space.
  • The Heinlein Journal
    Information: Click Here
    The Heinlein Journal is a journal devoted to writings about Heinlein and his works. The first thirteen issues are in print and may be ordered as back copies. It appears on a slightly irregular schedule with two to four issues per year. You'll find some of the best recent scholarly writing about Heinlein in this journal.
  • The Heinlein Chair in Aerospace Engineering
    Click Here
    Press release from 2001 about the first appointment to this endowed chair at the US Naval Academy. (There does not appear to be a general page devoted to this topic.)

Foreign Language Heinlein Sites

Please let me know of any other good non-English sites you find!

Heinlein Miscellany

  • Nitrosyncretic Press
    The parent of this site, and publishers of several books on Heinlein, his works, and related subjects.
  • site:RFB Sir Richard Francis Burton
    A site parallel to this one, devoted to the great Victorian-era adventurer, linguist and writer.
  • Heinlein's Bomb Shelter
    Click Here
    Mystery/thriller writer Robert Crais, a Heinlein fan (who puts at least one Heinlein reference in each of his bestselling novels), visited Heinlein's former Colorado Springs house in about 1998 and was allowed to visit the bomb shelter and take pictures. You'll find his photo essay here.
  • Rodger Young
    WWII Medal of Honor recipient Rodger Young is commemorated in Starship Troopers, both with a namesake troop transport and a biographical mention at the end. The Biography link connects to a full biography of this authentic American hero. (The page is rather garish and cluttered, but it was by far the best biography I found on the net.) The Ballad link contains the lyrics and several audio files of the ballad in different formats.

General Miscellany

  • Troynovant (New Troy)
    A review and commentary site with a cheerful mix of science fiction-related and other topics. Book reviews cover current works and historical items.

Heinlein Newgroups & Forums

If you're looking to hook up with like-minded readers and aficionados, try any of these venues:

  • alt.fan.heinlein
    Click Here
    The big gorilla of Heinlein-related forums. Topics drift and personalities clash, but great fun anyway.
  • sff.discuss.heinlein-forum
    Click Here
    Click Here
    Two more Heinlein-related newsgroups from a private server. The Heinlein Forum is one of the oldest Heinlein groups around, having moved between private hosts such as Prodigy and GEnie before finding a more lasting and accessible home on the net. Both groups are more social and "Heinlein-inspired" than directly discussion of RAH.
  • To access these groups, you will have to tell your newsreader to use port 1119 (instead of the default 119). The links above contain this information and simply clicking on them may take you to your reader and the groups without delay. You may instead have to manually create a news.sff.net server account in your newsreader and set its port to 1119 for access. For more assistance and alternate ways to reach these newsgroups, see the SFF Net web site.

  • IBDF Heinlein Forum
    Click Here
    New, small, but lively. Go say hi.
  • The NitroForum
    Click Here
    A new online forum resource, right here on site:RAH.

Agents, Agencies & Other Addresses

This section lists contact information for the various legal and literary representatives of Heinlein's estate and legacy. Please note that most agents, those listed here included, prefer contact via regular mail. Phone and fax inquiries are discouraged, and email inquiries are not likely to be acknowledged or answered. If you're serious about rights to a Heinlein property, keep it professional!

Literary Agent: Eleanor Wood

Eleanor Wood was Heinlein's agent for the last ten years of his life, and has been the estate's primary literary agent ever since. She is the person to contact for literary rights inquiries.

Eleanor Wood
Spectrum Literary Agency
320 Central Park West, Suite 1-D
New York, NY 10033
212-362-4562 fax

Screen Agent: Vince Gerardis

Vince Gerardis is the person to contact for television and film rights inquiries.

Vince Gerardis
Created By
1041 N. Formosa Avenue
Writers Bldg., Room #9
West Hollywood, CA 90046
323-850-3554 fax