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Due to the extreme proliferation of spam, there are no active email address links anywhere on this site. We apologize for the slightly clumsy system of obfuscated email contact information.

To contact James Gifford for personal, business or website-related comments or inquiries, please use the following email address:

To bypass our first level of spam filtering and help ensure that your message is received and read as quickly as possible, please include the keyword NOSPAM (note that there is no space!) somewhere in the subject line - at the end is fine. Messages without the keyword will be received, but have to detour through our spam filtering and may be delayed or automatically deleted.

This initial contact address may be changed frequently to retain its spam-avoidance qualities, so don't add it to your address book. Replies to valid inquiries will include a more permanent direct email address, so that this annoying process can be omitted for further contact. Please treat any address you may receive as private and not for public posting or commercial use.

Note to address harvesters: Unsolicited email containing any commercial offer will trigger vigorous abuse-reporting and spam amelioration measures. DO NOT send spam to any address in this domain. This Will Be Your Only Warning; I've had it with spammers.

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Contact information for Nitrosyncretic Press, with a mailing address and phone numbers applicable to this web site, can be found here.

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