Archives - Original Works

This section of the Archives contains original writings by Robert Heinlein and other authors referenced in his works. All material herein is either in the public domain or permission for its posting has been obtained.

  Mark Twain: "Mental Telegraphy"
    Heinlein refers to this article in the novella "Lost Legacy."
  Mark Twain: "The Curious Republic of Gondour"
    Heinlein refers to this article in the interstitial material of the collection Expanded Universe.
  Maj. Clifford Hugh Douglas: Social Credit
    This book, now available in a full online text, is the founding document of the "social credit" economic movement of the 1930s. Heinlein used much of For Us, the Living to espouse this theory, and it appeared as a major element in the later Beyond This Horizon as well.
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