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This section of the Archives contains images, sound files and other multimedia information related to Robert Heinlein. We hope to expand these selections greatly as rights can be obtained.


These items are facsimiles of magazine articles and other published items of interest.

Rocket to the Moon
Popular Mechanics, May 1950
A fabulous photo essay on the making of Destination Moon, with many notes on the real state and future of manned spaceflight.
"Hi" opens a version with seven 200k images.
"Lo" opens a version with seven 80k images.
A House to Make Life Easy
Popular Mechanics, June 1952
A photo essay on the Heinlein's new Colorado Springs home, with every feature a science fiction writer with an engineering background could design.
"Hi" opens a version with six 200k images.
"Lo" opens a version with six 100k images.
Between Planets
Boys' Life, 1978-79
This 17-part adaptation of "Between Planets" ran in Boys' Life magazine between April 1978 and August 1979. Although the story is an ideal fit for the magazine's audience - being, really, a somewhat more sophisticated take on Heinlein's Scouting stories - the comic adaptation is... peculiar.
Postcards from Electric Park, 1906 & 1909
A visit to Kansas City's "Electric Park" is a noteworthy event in Time Enough for Love. These two contemporary postcards show what Sergeant Ted, Maureen and Woody must have seen.
Virginia Heinlein, actress - Brooklyn Eagle, 1939
It has been known for a while that Virginia Heinlein was a stage actress with a small semi-pro troupe in her younger days. Here's a long clip about the "Tophatters" troupe with not a little focus on the young Miss Gerstenfeld.

Heinlein Sound Clips

These clips are digitized from an interview Heinlein gave to the local radio station on "Robert Heinlein Day" in his hometown of Butler, Missouri, on 17 April 1980.

  "I was simply writing a novel..."
    Heinlein commenting on Stranger in a Strange Land.
80k, 8 seconds long
  "Kansas City appears in many of my books..."
    Heinlein commenting on his use of his hometown in Time Enough for Love.
424k, 39 seconds long
  "I never expected anything like this..."
    Heinlein commenting on the surprise of "Robert Heinlein Day."
50k, 5 seconds long
  "We need to have as many baskets for our eggs as possible..."
    Heinlein commenting on the danger of having only one home for humanity.
204k, 19 seconds long
  "I think it is necessary for the human race to establish colonies..."
    Heinlein commenting on the need to establish human colonies beyond Earth.
219k, 20 seconds long
  "I want the human race to go on..."
    Heinlein commenting on his desire for humanity to survive.
108k, 10 seconds long

Heinlein Planetary Features

So far, two astronomical sites have been named for Robert Heinlein - one semi-officially, the other quite officially. Fans would hope for more such recognition of "the man who sold us the moon."

  Luna: Rhysling Crater (Apollo 15)
    The astronauts of Apollo 15 named a small crater for Heinlein's "blind singer of the spaceways" and made other acknowledgements to Heinlein in the mission.
  Mars: Heinlein Crater
    This large crater on Mars has been officially named for Heinlein. Maybe we'll know soon what the Martians call it...


Odds and ends of interest to Heinlein aficionados.

  In Memoriam: Heinlein & STS-107
    Heinlein's words of 1947 are wistfully appropriate for the events of 1 February 2003.