Archives - Data Section

This section of the Archives contains data and informational documents about Robert Heinlein and his works.

  The Robert A. Heinlein FAQ (James Gifford)
    The big catch-all of Heinlein questions and information. A good place to browse if you're looking for answers to common questions about Heinlein, his life and his work.
Updated 25 February 2004!
  A Short Biography of Robert A. Heinlein (James Gifford)
    This short biography of Robert Heinlein is meant to provide a starting point for the more comprehensive information elsewhere.
...Coming Soon!
  "The New Heinlein Opus List" (James Gifford)
    A comprehensive listing of all of Heinlein's known works, including variations of each. This is the standard scholarly reference list for Heinlein researchers, scholars, and serious readers, excerpted from Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion.
Adobe Acrobat PDF, 150k

If you're seeking a general reading/collection list, "The Published Heinlein" below is probably more suitable.

  "The Published Heinlein" (James Gifford)
    The complete list of Heinlein's published works, in an easy-reference format.
  "Heinlein's Dedications" (Jane Davitt & Tim Morgan)
    An exhaustive list of the people to whom Heinlein dedicated various books, with explanations of who each individual is.