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  "The Nature of Federal Service in Starship Troopers"
(James Gifford)
    The battle over the nature of Heinlein's "Federal Service" in Starship Troopers has gone on at least since Heinlein's statements about it appeared in 1979. This paper lists every relevant passage from the book, and assembles a definitive answer to the question.
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  "The Heir of James Branch Cabell" (Bill Patterson)
    This essay, winner of the 2000 Cabell Prize, is a clear exposition of Cabell's strong influence on the writing of Robert Heinlein.
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  "Thoughts on Starship Troopers" (Chris Weuve)
    A nifty essay examining some of the issues surrounding Heinlein's version, Verhoeven's version, and the collision between versions.
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  "When is a Spaceship Not a Spaceship?" (Terry Rossio)
    An amusing article by one of the screenwriters for the film version of The Puppet Masters, explaining how the film came to be as it is.
  On RAH: A Survey of Heinlein Commentary & Criticism (James Gifford)
    A summary of the major critical works on Heinlein and his work.
  The People in "L'Envoi" (Simon Slavin & Francesco Spreafico)
    The final chapter of Heinlein's The Number of the Beast is crammed with dozens of characters. British fan Slavin, with some help from the denizens of, sorted out all the names and matched them to their real and fictional counterparts. This version of the list contains updates and additions from Francesco Spreafico, the list's editor pro tem.
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  "A Listing of Errors in Leon Stover's Robert A. Heinlein"
(James Gifford)
    This early paper of mine details the errors in Leon Stover's important but flawed book. (Minor updates for 2004 release.)
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