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So Cut the Cord, Already!
A step-by-step guide for the average person on how to get from cable to streaming

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Ready to "cut the cord" but have given up figuring out how? Then this is the book for you!

Cutting the cord — snipping the wire — getting rid of overpriced cable TV should be easy... and it is, with the right information at hand. But you'd never know that from most of the information out there on the web. Too much assumes you're already an expert, or a tech wiz, or are just coming back for advanced tips. Way too much is outdated. And way too many authors don't understand the whole subject, only the narrow path that worked for them.

Not So Cut the Cord, Already! This book is fresh, complete, and up to date, written for the average exasperated cable subscriber who's heard about the alternatives and wants to explore them... without being baffled by tech jargon or left wondering about the details.

Written by a genuine expert who knows both the topic and the hurdles newcomers face in trying to get from cable to streaming, So Cut the Cord, Already! is a gentle, humorous, step-by-step guide to not just a few basic steps but the whole process, for nearly every household and situation. It's based on more than five years of very popular public sessions, more than fifty presentations by the author to thousands of enthusiastic attendees, on just this topic. And finally putting it in book form means it's even more complete and polished (without rushing to beat a time limit!)

The whole book comes down to one simple mantra: "You can do this... and should!"

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