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The Robert Heinlein Archives

Nitrosyncretic Press was founded to publish works about Robert Heinlein. As writer, editor and publisher, I have spent decades involved with his work, and have collected (and created) many things related to his life, work, influences and legacy. For many years, I maintained what was the only significant repository of Heinlein-related images, writings and information. Those efforts have long been eclipsed by everything from Wikipedia to larger institutional sites with more information. However, some of the material once put up as new is still interesting and not reliably available from other sources, so the archive function continues... and has even been expanded a little.

Who knows, there might be yet more to come!



Between PlanetsBoys' Life, 1978–79

For eighteen issues in 1978 and 1979, probably in something of a panic from Star Wars mania, Boys' Life magazine serialized Heinlein's juvenile novel Between Planets. The result was... interesting. See the complete run of comic pages here.

Heinlein's Colorado Springs HousePopular Mechanics, June 1952

Heinlein designed and built his home when he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1950. The design was sufficiently unique and innovative to earn a writeup and pictorial in Popular Mechanics. See it here.

Rocket to the MoonPopular Mechanics, May 1950

Postcards from Electric Park, 1906 & 1909

Visits to Kansas City's "Electric Park" are a story element in the final section of Time Enough for Love. These postcards are from a slightly earlier era, but show what "Woody," both young and very old, would have seen.

The Future History Charts

Heinlein's famous chart, used to keep track of stories, characters, social changes, technology and more, evolved from its surprising first version to the polished and sedate version finally released in 1967. Here are all four major versions, including the first, hand-drawn one that reuses a... well, go see.


Heinlein's Book Dedications

An essay by Jane Davitt and Tim Morgan, listing and indentifying all of Heinlein's original dedications for his books.

"Lady Vivamus" is a Clock?

Uh, yep. The great sword "Lady Vivamus," from Glory Road, started life as... a street clock.

Source Material

Mark Twain, "The Curious Republic of Gondour"

Mark Twain, "Mental Telegraphy"


The Time Machine — site:RAH

I was almost embarrassed to rediscover the original Heinlein info site lurking under the old NitroPress pages. I would have taken it down, since nearly all of its contents have been transferred to this page, but it is heavily indexed by Google and other cross-links, so I am leaving it intact, 'down in the basement' as it were. Go ahead, look... bring a flashlight and a sense of humor, though.

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